Here For You!

By Gilman & Edwards 18.03.20 02:10 PM

Here at Gilman & Edwards, LLC, our Number #1 priority is the well-being of all of our clients, employees, colleagues and their families.  Accordingly, we want to ensure you that we are well aware of the public health crisis that impacts every aspect of our community and realize the many que...

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The Responsible Officer Tax – U.S. Code 6672

By Gilman & Edwards 16.02.15 09:58 PM

Most individuals have never heard of U.S. Code 6672 — also referred to as “The Responsible Officer Tax” — until they are faced with an impending IRS investigation. The IRS has the right to collect the trust fund recovery penalty (TFRP) against individuals of corporations who failed to pay ...

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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Basics

By Gilman & Edwards 26.01.15 10:27 PM

Chapter 11 is a section of the bankruptcy code that permits individuals and businesses to either liquidate or reorganize debt. Not to be confused with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, a Chapter 11 filing involves reorganization of extensive assets and debts.


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Which Bankruptcy Repayment Plan is Right for Me?

By Gilman & Edwards 30.12.14 07:48 PM

When filing for Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an individual is eligible to enter into a repayment plan. The process generally lasts for three to five years, allowing you to make payments on debts at a reasonable pace for your income level while protecting many of your asse...

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Maryland Foreclosure Rate is Highest in U.S. in October

By Gilman & Edwards 19.11.14 12:06 AM

Foreclosures in Maryland are occurring at over twice the national average, but homeowners have options says bankruptcy attorney Richard L. Gilman

“Contrary to popular belief, the loan modification process is not really about the homeowner’s hardship,” Gilman said. “While that is important, it is not ...
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