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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is available to corporations, partnerships and other businesses as well as individuals that need debt relief to remain viable. Under Chapter 11 the “Debtor-In-Possession” proposes a plan of reorganization to provide the Debtor an operate to weather the storm, stay in business, while its debts are restructured and satisfied over a period of time.

At Gilman & Edwards, LLC., our Montgomery County Maryland Chapter 11 lawyers provide knowledgeable and professional representation to debtors, creditors and creditors’ committees in individual business and corporate bankruptcies.

Rehabilitating a Business Through Chapter 11 Reorganization

Is your business operating at a loss? Is your business facing creditor collection action that threatens the viability of the business? Our Maryland debt reorganization attorneys can advise your business on filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy stops business foreclosure and freezes debt collection. It is a complex process that depends on comprehensive analysis and understanding of circumstances and can lead to different results for different businesses.

We can help you navigate reorganization rules and ensure that your legal rights as debtor are protected while:

  • Filing a voluntary or involuntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition with the proper bankruptcy court
  • Negotiating, preparing and filing a plan of reorganization
  • Preparing and filing bankruptcy schedules
  • Attending Chapter 11 reorganization hearings
  • Bankruptcy Alternatives (Debt Negotiation, Work-outsAlternative Resolutions)

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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is an important federal process; one that should be not be taken lightly and requires an in-depth legal analysis before moving forward.

At Gilman & Edwards, LLC we are well versed in not only Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases, but Chapter 13, Chapter 7, and alternatives to bankruptcy — loan modifications, work-outs, debt settlements, and mediation. Without, this experience and knowledge in your corner, you are probably not best prepared to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

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