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Making Debt Manageable

Are you behind on debt payments? Are your payments so high that you fear you will not be able to keep up with them in the future? You may be able to obtain debt relief with the help of credit and debt resolution, while preserving your ability to obtain more credit when you need it.At Gilman & Edwards, LLC, we offer credit and debt resolution to clients throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Negotiating With Creditors for Debt Relief

However tough their talk may be, creditors understand that people who cannot pay their debts have a legal right to file for bankruptcy. Creditors are often willing to explore alternatives to that possibility.

With the help of our skilled Washington DC Debt Relief Attorneys, you may be able to enter into a debt management program with your creditors, reducing your payments and improving your credit history. Alternatively, you may be able to negotiate a lump-sum or payment plan settlement of your debts.

Typically, a debt management program allows you to pay a lower monthly payment, reduce your interest rates and bring your delinquent accounts up to date. We will help you pursue a program that fits within your budget.

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to get the benefit of credit and debt resolution services from experienced lawyers who are prepared to stick up for your legal rights while negotiating debt relief options with your creditors.

Responsible Professionals on Your Side

In recent years, some credit and debt resolution agencies have come under public scrutiny and criticism for unethical behavior, and the Federal Trade Commission currently urges consumers to be cautious when selecting a credit counselor.

At Gilman & Edwards, LLC, we are licensed attorneys bound by a code of professional responsibility to pursue our clients’ interests. When you come to us for credit and debt resolution, you can be confident that we will honestly acquaint you with all of your options.

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